List of the main features:

-Multi satellite tracking


-Full-color Earth maps (rectangular and 3D projections)


-Great accuracy tracking algorithms (Plan13, SGP, SGP4 and SDP4)


-Fast and efficent computation of viewing opportunities


-Satellite passes against local sky


-Visibility and orbital parameters data computed for each tracked satellite


-Doppler shifts for downlink and uplink frequencies


-Local and general sky maps


-Atmospheric refraction computed for satellites on local sky horizon


-Planet and stellar ephemeris


-Satellite ephemeris: ECI position and velocity vectors, look angles etc.


-Satellite relative motion ephemeris


-Satellite visual magnitude determination improved (standard or Lambertian function)


-Printable output for pass prediction data and maps


-TLE download utility


-Time synchronization utility


-Simple to use interface and context help available


-Multi language