Current version

SATBUSTER 2.0 (6.1 Mbytes ca.)

Please note: Starting from January 2021 is necessary to update the included file satbuster.exe with a newer version, otherwise the program won't run. See section UPDATES

This version is identical to the full working program but you can't save the settings. Please, read REGISTRATION section to get information on how to become a registered user.


Translation files



Satbuster can be easily translated in other languages. If you don't see your own language then you may want to contribute. You can prepare your own translation and publish it here. Please, feel free to contact me for more information.

English, french and italian version files are already contained in the setup version. You are invited to download updates here.

Download and unzip the translation file in the same directory where the program is. Languages installed will be available under the menu Tools: Language

Version 1.1.0 is alredady included in Satbuster 2.0

English (ver 1.1.0)

French (ver 1.1.0)

Italian (ver 1.1.0)

already included in version 2.0

English (ver 1.1.1)


Italian (ver 1.1.1)


French (ver 1.1.1) (translation by Daniel Deak)


German (ver 1.1.0) (translation by Erich Rauch)


Orbital elements

You can download your favorite TLE file here ORBITAL ELEMENTS or you can download them through Satbuster with the appropriate function included