Invaluable resources about satellite tracking:

Visual observing

Several docs about what you should know as a satellite tracking amateur.

All these readings start from the basic skills required.


Satellite Spotter's guide

by Alan Bose


Introduction to Visual Satellite Observing  revised edition May 2001

by Jeff Hunt


Visual Satellite Observing - FAQ

by members of the SeeSat-L Mailing List


IOD Observation Format Description

by George Lewis



Technical documentation


TLE format, orbital mechanics and orbit propagators


NORAD Two-Line Element Set Format

by T.S.Kelso


Satellite Times Columns: Computers and Satellites

by T.S.Kelso


Spacetrack Report n.3

by F.Hoots and R.Roehrich


Simple procedure for calculating local look angles

by Scott P. Donnell


Orbital Motion

by A.da Silva Curiel


A Summary of Satellite Orbit Related Calculations

by Murad, Jang, Atallah, Karne, Baras





Satellite Orbits: Models, Methods and Applications

by O.Montenbruck, E.Gill



Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications

by David A. Vallado


Orbital Mechanics

by T.Logsdon



Fundamentals of Astrodynamics

by Roger R. Bate, Muller, White



Methods of astrodynamics

by Pedro Ramon Escobal


Methods of Orbit Determination

by Pedro Ramon Escobal.


Satellite Orbits in an Atmosphere - Theory and application

by Desmond King-Hele.


Observing Earth Satellites

by Desmond King-Hele


A Tapestry of Orbits

by Desmond King-Hele


Artificial Satellite Observing

by H.Miles